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      First you go to the radio and find the antenna wire lead ( the black wire that is connected to the antenna, look at your new antenna for what it looks like ) that is connected to the radio, disconnect it and follow it to the drivers side of the car where it goes threw that side of the car. Then tape a wire ( long enough ) to the end of the old antenna lead so when you pull the old antenna out you can tape it to the new antenna lead and pull the new antenna lead wire back into the car. Then on the outside of the car remove the screws that hold the antenna to the roof of the car and pull the old antenna out of the car till you see the wire that you taped to the antenna lead and then tape that wire that you taped to the old antenna lead to the new antenna lead and "Gently" pull it back into the car and then plug it into the radio and secure the antenna back on the roof of the car. Whala its done.


The hardest part of this job is finding the antenna lead wire, as there are many wires under the dash of the car, so be patient, and take your time.

If you need additional help you can call our Tech at:   920-686-0644


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