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1. Remove the power unit that is in your car, keeping track how in general the unit is mounted so you have an idea how the new one is to fit. The unit is held in by the outside trim nut, where the mast comes out of the car, and generally a bolt at the base of the power unit. As to removing the interior trim to gain access to the unit, this varies per car. Generally the trim is held in with clips or sometimes screws. The best is to take your time in figuring out which way it comes off, or seek your service manual.

2. Install the new power unit in the place of the old one. Many times you can use the original outside body trim/angel feral and nut, instead of the 0-30 degree head and nut that comes with the new unit, this makes for a cleaner outside fitment. First start by fitting this outside trim and fasten the outside nut. Then at the bottom of the drum assembly you will see two studs, only if possible, use the original lower bracket, bolt it to the base of the power unit, or mount the flat bar with holes to it to a secure place on your car body, one end of the flat bar is secured to one of the lower tabs and the after the power unit is mounted bend it so it can be secured so the lower section of the power unit is secure, which ever way works best for your model car. This when done should be similar to how the factory bracket was mounted.

3. If you have a power unit that has a relay or control box it stays with the old power unit and is not used with this new power antenna. At the plug that plugs into either the power unit or that plugged into the relay or control box, .... it doesn't matter how many wires that your original power unit has as we are going to use ONLY TWO or THREE of them.

FIRST,  Test with a test light or volt meter, which ever you have, test what wire has 12 volts in the harness on all the time when the KEY OFF and the RADIO OFF.  This is the wire that you will need to connect to the RED wire of the New Power Unit to.   If there are several that are hot all the time, connect to one of them.

SECOND,  Then with the KEY ON turn the RADIO ON and again take the test light or volt meter, and see which wire NOW in that plug lights up or has 12 volts, if you have several that are now powered make sure you choose the one that is controlled by the radio, and then connect the GREEN or BLUE wire of the power unit to it.

THIRD,  The Black wire is connected to the Chassis Ground, anywhere or in the plug if you know which wire it is.   If you have a volt meter you can set the meter to OHM with sound and probe the wires until the meter makes noise, that wire is your ground, connect to it. 

Schematic of the New Power Unit:
Red ........ Wire needs 12V all the time, Key on and off.
Green or Blue ..... Wire needs power only when the Radio is on.
Black ...... Wire is a Constant Ground.

TIP: Many power units have a plug that you can cut off and wire to your new power unit so you can plug it directly into the factory plug. Use this method if has a plug that you can cut off.

4. Connect the wire that runs to the radio for reception, the large black wire from the new power unit. Other than putting the interior trim back, your New Power Unit should now Work.


If you need additional help you can call our Tech at:  920-686-0644


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