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     www.AntennaMastsRus.com offers the lowest Wholesale prices on Mazda 626 Antenna Parts, 0000-81-6628, 0000-81-9088.   You as a Customer can order your Mazda 626 Antenna Mast directly from us by skipping the middle man and high retail prices at your Mazda 626 Dealer - receiving an average savings of hundreds of dollars on a Mazda 626 Antenna Mast Parts order! That means you can place your Mazda 626 Antenna Mast order anytime, right here online 24 Hr a day.  Direct your Mazda 626 Antenna Mast questions to our Customer Service specialists, as we don't just sell Mazda 626 antennas, WE INSTALL THEM, thus we offer your our years of experience with your Mazda 626 Antenna installation !!!!    Many Times there's more to the Sale than the Part.

Order Line ..... 920-686-0644

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Mazda 626 Antenna Parts
For: DX/LX/EX,  of the Following Years,


Antenna Mast

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( 1 ) ... 626 Power Antenna Mast

    This is a "BRAND NEW" OEM  ( Original Equipment Manufacturer not aftermarket ) HIGH QUALITY Mazda 626 POWER ANTENNA REPLACEMENT MAST, for your Factory 626 Power Antenna....   

    This is the Part that is needed If your 626 Power Antenna MOTOR RUNS, ... or makes a clicking, grinding sound .... BUT the Mast doesn't go up or down, "OR" your Mast is "BENT" from the Car Wash or Vandalism..... This PART will Repair your 626 Power Antenna back to a ""WORKING POWER ANTENNA"" ... This is Really a very simple part for YOU yourself to Install,... 

* See the Special note Below.  

This Mast Fits the following Mazda 626 Models
With a Factory Power Antenna

 626    DX/ES/LX


 626    DX/ES/LX






Manual Antenna Kit

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How it is Put Together
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( 5 ) ... 626 Manual Antenna Kit

    This is a Manual Replacement Antenna Kit that can either Replace the Existing Power Antenna or for models with a Manual Antenna.  This is the inexpensive alternative to fixing your Power Antenna.  Our Antenna has a mast that can be extended up to 36 1/2" and has a custom factory looking chrome top nut so you can retain that factory looking install with this antenna, and has a 48" reception cable with a standard FEMALE Motorola plug that will mate to your factory wiring system, so this Kit is a Plug and Play unit. ( Note the photo shows a male conector, it will come with a female conector )  Also when the mast is pushed all the way down the mast can not be lifted up without the supplied key so no one can vandalize the antenna.

     This is a VERY High Quality Manual Antenna that you can extend or collapse yourself.  The Antenna Mast and Nut are CHROME, as the photo to the left shows  .......

This Manual Replacement Antenna Fits:
 626    DX/ES/LX


 626    DX/ES/LX





Power Works  **
Power Antenna Kit

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( 3 ) ... 626 Power Antenna

    This is a NEW  High Quality POWER WORKS  Power Antenna Kit .... This Power Antenna kit will fit your  626  from: (( SEE FITMENT BELOW )) .... This Power Unit takes a Little adapting work, Like (( Connecting the loose power unit wires to your existing wire harness plug, and then Connecting the lower mount bracket to your car. ))  to fit in the PLACE of the Original  626  Power Unit that came with your  Mazda  when new..... I Guarantee 100% that it will replace your Original Power Unit and work just as well as the Original for the  626   models specified below at less than the some $300.00 one would pay for a New one at your  Mazda Dealer , and all this savings over a little extra time installing this POWER WORKS unit....  Also: This Power Works Unit is warranted  against defects for  1 Year from the date of purchase....  Comes Complete with wiring,  antenna cable extension for "your" CAR,  support strap with hardware,   main antenna assembly,  and Written Installation Instructions.....

This NEW Power Antenna Kit Fits:

 626    DX/ES/LX


 626    DX/ES/LX





7.00 Shipping ***

$59.95  Final cost W/Shipping.

Replacement Mast
For the Above $52.95 Power Unit




* NOTE:  All Antenna Masts Come With  Easy to Follow "DETAILED " Installation Instructions so That YOU Can do it "YOURSELF " in a Matter of Minutes !!!!  PLUS COMES WITH A FREE TECH HOT LINE FOR ADDITIONAL HELP IF NEEDED  !!!!

** Special Note:  This Power Antenna Kit will come with Written Installation Instructions and If by Chance you need Additional Help with the Installation of this Power Antenna .......  Just CALL Our Tech Line for any Additional Help you may need.

 *** Shipping Cost is fixed for the lower 48 states.


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